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    • Michael Russo
      I'm not sure if this will be your problem, but I've had issues similar to this when setting up connections in the past.  My problem turned out to be related to what I had in the root path field.  Make sure that the user you're using has access to that path.
    • Michael Russo
      So i'm not sure how practical this will be for your case, but I was able to accomplish this using 'connect by level' and 'regexp_like'.  Here's what it looks like:   select * from ( select t1.*, --whatever fields you are trying to get would be in place of this ( select 'X' from ( select regexp_substr(t1.vals,'[^;]+', 1, level) as val from dual connect by regexp_substr(t1.vals, '[^;]+', 1, level) is not null ) t2 where t2.val = :ListBox1.Main --Change this to your multi-select list box and rownum = 1 ) found from -- use your normal table here, i used this to test out that it works ( select 'test1' as nam, 'ATCO;EVAL;ASTR' as vals from dual union select 'test2', 'ATCA;EVO' from dual ) t1 ) where found = 'X' You just replace the t1.vals with the field that contains your multiple values.  This could wind up being pretty slow depending on the amount of data you're working with.    EDIT: Please note that this solution only works for oracle, just wanted to mention that.
    • Kevin King
      Very clean, thank you very much!
    • fituser01
      Hi,   I am using a 'standard' bar chart, horizontal, to display counts per major for a specific selected term. In my QA, i am noticing some majors' sum value is not accurate. For example: major code: 7830     The dark blue color is the selected term's count visual count, the lighter blue is 'last' term's count(i.e. if selected term is 201901, the light blue's based term will be 201801)  The bar chart is defined as follow:      When i create two different bar chart however, one for each type, I get accurate sum values per major.  The query behind the two dataset is practically the same and using the same Order By logic.   Anyone else seen this kind of issue?  I am using 5.4.1 version.   Thank you for your response, Ryan          
    • janejarboe
      Not completely sure of the context here, but maybe try a case statement:   SPRIDEN_ID = (  CASE  WHEN :RB_CHOICE.VALUE = 'Multiple'   THEN  ;EB_MEMO                                               ELSE :EB_SID                                      END ID_CHOICE  )